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Our Story

CBD Bristol began in 2017 with a balm recipe and £500. As two Canna enthusiasts after hearing about the medicinal properties of Cannabidiol Ross and I had an idea of starting a CBD company together. So armed with Ross’ artistic skills and eye for creating wonderful packaging and Jonathan’s gung ho attitude and natural ability to chat and network CBD Bristol was born. Our original ‘Savasana CBD muscle rub’ started in little tins and a very simple design which we have kept to this day. Soon the interest in our original product was producing ripples across the wellness community in Bristol and within a few months we were selling to shops across the city. 

Due to feedback from customers from our original product, we were soon finding out about how it was helping with a multitude of ailments, we took this as a sign to create more topical CBD products. So we decided to start creating original recipe products for specific ailments, adding natural ingredients including essential oils we wanted to use ingredients that add to the healing power of each product. 

This led to a collaboration with another friend Cassandra and together we created some of our best sellers – Shakti Moontime, Morning Sun, Yoni Love and CBD Bath Melts.

Since these early days of building the buisness from home, we have turned CBD Bristol into a well known and well trusted company. Now operating from our office and making studio in Stoke Croft, the heart of Bristiol. We are so grateful for all the love and support we have had and continue to get. It still makes me so happy everytime a customer gets in touch saying how much our products have helped them. We believe in growing organically and with our customers, wanting to create the best CBD products we can at affordable prices.

Also did you know that CBD is one of up to 80 different cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant. Many of these cannabinoids are usually in trace amounts but due to cannabis research being opened up and scientific research and modern technologies in isolating these cannabinoids we are now able to explore the true medicinal value that this plant has to offer. We see ourselves as cannabinoid medicine creators, enthusiasts and innovators. So this year we have started exploring with the magic of CBG, but we do not want to stop there.

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Studio C, 14 Backfields Lane, Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS2 8QW

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