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New Product - CBD/CBG tattoo aftercare balm

We are super happy to announce that we have just launched a brand new product. Our original recipe CBD/CBG tattoo aftercare balm. Made with lots of skin loving natural ingridients that will allow your latest skin art the best start.

Ross and I are big fans of tattoo’s and it was actually Ross that gave me (Jonathan) my first tattoos. When we started CBD Bristol and the ideas were flowing about what products we could make with CBD in, this came up and some trial sizes were made and ideas were bounced around but somehow the idea stayed on the shelf. Since then just knocking out CBD products has become more regulatory and putting a product to market often takes more time plus we are have been doing this for four years now and we know our ingridients really well.

Our good friend Shaun Sepr, who is a well known tattoo and street artist from Bristol asked us about 6 months ago if we wanted to take the idea off the shelf and give it a proper go and make up a product.

This lead to a period of researching natural ingridients that would work well in tattoo aftercare. Usually when we send off our products to recieve their CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment Certificate) . This will tell us exactly what to write on the label so it can be sold safely to the consumer. Our other products that contain essential oils usually state do not apply to broken skin so creating something that was for broken skin, we really had to go back to the drawing board.

So unlike our other balms that have a mixture of skin oils and butters (Cacao and shea), calendeilla wax and higher amounts of essential oils. We decided to go for a Cacao and Shea butter base with a selction of other carrier oils that nuturure the skin.

By now I knew that minute amount of essetial oils applied to the skin through a carrier oil can have a positive effect so we simply decided on two of our favorites, one drop each of both Lavender and Rosemary oils.

The product flew through it’s CPSR test and can now be officially sold in shops across the UK and Europe.

We also decided to test it ourselves. As creators and manufactueres we want to be know for making the best topical CBD products around and history has a long line of creators that were the first to try their creations.

So in February 2022, Shaun tattooed my seventh tattoo. With a pot of the balm freshly made I did what I normally did when I have been inked. After washing my hands thuroughly I washed the tattoo gently with warm soapy water. I then tappet dry with a clean towell. I then applied the tattoo after care balm to the piece.

I instantly noticed the ususal urge to scratch the area was not there and also the skin that had bumped up had recuced. These were all signs that we were on to a winning formulation. So when I sent off the formulation to Oxford Biosciences and the formulation came back without any ammendments I was super happy to get this product out to the world.

We asked Shaun if he would like to create the label and he came up with the fantastic design you now see. So this really was a Bristol collaboration.

So if you are getting inked soon and want to try something locally made why not grab one from our shop today for just £9.99.

Made with 💚 in Bristol

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