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CBD and Sleep

To understand how CBD and other cannabinoids help with sleep, we have to understand the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) 💭

The ECS is a complex neurochemical network in the body that regulates various bodily functions, including emotions, pain and sleep. While the body naturally releases endocannabinoid molecules, external sources of cannabinoids, such as CBD, can affect the body via the ECS.

The hypothalamus—which plays a significant role in the ECS—impacts sleep regulation. It plays a role in several sleep-related functions, including regulating body temperature and synchronizing sleep patterns. 😴

CBD can help people with insomnia because it works with the hypothalamus to regulate stress as insomnia results from an overactive stress reaction that’s spilling into a rest time when we’re not trying to process conscious trauma.

Circadian rhythm disorders, also known as sleep-wake cycle disorders, occur when the body’s internal clock, is misaligned with your environment. They can develop when there are changes in sleep habits, often due to travel or work, or as a byproduct of a medical condition, aging or genetics. 🕰

CBD may improve both the quality and quantity of sleep by ensuring the body progresses through the normal stages of sleep and REM sleep without undue interruption, which would help people with circadian rhythm disorders 🛏

CBD’s action on cannabinoid receptors initiates a cascade of events that culminates in a more natural timing of sleep relative to the diurnal rhythm of night and day. CBD can be especially helpful for people like nurses who experience circadian rhythm disorders due to shift work, where sleep windows change depending on a person’s work schedule. 👩🏼‍⚕️👨🏽‍⚕️


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How CBD works topically on the skin

Shakti Moontime CBD Butter

How CBD works when topically applied to the skin.

Unlike CBD oils, that are consumed orally, CBD balms or creams are applied directly to the skin and do not enter the bloodstream.  As the largest organ in the human body the skin is an effective barrier against potentially harmful matter.  However, it can also act as an effective molecular pathway, able to deliver beneficial substances that are directly absorbed, at the point of application. In the case of CBD when applied to the skin in the form of a balm, cream or gel has theraputic potential for pain and muscle relief, skin health and dermetelogical conditions, itching and wound healing.

Our bodies produce Cannabinoids called Endo cannabinoids; think of them as chemical communicators working in unison to maintain a healthy nervous and immune system.  Cannabinoids, like CBD, when introduced from an external source, attach themselves to receptors within the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). 

There are two Cannabinoid receptors in the human body. The CB1 receptor is found in the brain, spine and nervous system. The CB2 receptors are found in the skin, digestive system and nervous system. While cannabinoid receptors remain the primary targets for endocannabinoids, they have also been shown to bind to Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) receptors present in various types of skin cells (Figure 1) and are involved in different functions like formation and maintenance of the skin barrier, cell growth, cell differentiation, immunological and inflammatory processes.

While many topical CBD products appear to be relatively well tolerated, topical safety studies are underway, and the evidence is still emerging. This is why all of our products have been CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Assesment) tested. 

By reading this study and it’s links, it really goes to show with more research we could understand the healing potential of topically applied CBD. It excites me to think that the work that we are doing here at CBD Bristol, in our own little way is incresing that knowledge by existing and selling these products. Our whole business grew out of customer feedback from different products. So that is why we feel we really know our stuff in this area and make the best CBD balms in the UK.

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