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Can CBD Improve your sex life?

In a few short years, Cannabidiol (CBD) has exploded into our lives. This new Industry is growing at such a rate and offering a dizzying array of products and applications, but can CBD’s well-established anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and overall relaxation benefits be applied to our sexual health too?”

Believe it or not but Cannabis and THC have been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac and sexual relaxant in cultures across the world dating as far back as ancient Rome but now the relaxing powers of the legal non psychoactive cannabinoids (CBD & CBG) is making its way into the bedroom with topical products like Lubricants, Arousal Oils and the use of Ingestible CBD to help with relaxation.

“So how can CBD help you relax in the bedroom?…Although research is currently limited on the uses of CBD for sexual health, anecdotal evidence shows much promise. Many women have reported substantial benefits in aiding them with their experience of intimacy, including supporting: The reduction of sexual anxiety, be it related to trauma, stress or past negative experience. Muscular, Psychological and Emotional relaxation A sense of calm and wellbeing, Which, of course, all contribute to better sex

The yoni love (arousal oil) has changed my sex life. As somebody who has suffered trauma in the past sex can often be difficult… But the Yoni Love helps me, and my Yoni relax and enjoy the experience fully. – Nakita (Customer review – Google  

Time to ditch the dry white wine?

Many find it natural to indulge in their favourite beverage with a partner to relax and get in the mood for the sex, however studies show the alcohol consumption can actually have a detrimental effect on the female sexual experience when it comes to lubrication and consequently, sensation.”

Vaginal muscles need good amount of oxygenated blood to get that natural lubrication and the secretion of that lubrication can make women feel aroused. Alcohol consumption dehydrates our body and inhibits the production of required amount of natural lubrication in a woman’s body. A blog post at explain how this can be the case with alcohol

“Even if a woman is able to get wet and sticky down under during foreplay, this moisture is most likely to be short lived compared to times without alcohol consumption. Vaginal dryness also leads to reduced sensations for women during sex. This can make sex an uncomfortable and painful experience and this also affects the ability to orgasm. Further, having sex with a dry vagina increases the chances of condom breakage due to excessive friction and resulting heat.

Indulging in drinks and sipping champagne under the moon light may look very romantic but having a dry and painful intercourse later can drain away those romantic feelings. This doesn’t mean we are suggesting you abstain from alcohol during occasions like Valentine’s Day, anniversary, romantic date or any special occasion, but drinking in moderation is recommended. (Link)

         What makes CBD a good alternative?

Although the data of CBD lubricants is limited there is lots of data on how edible CBD helps the body relax. So, does this explain why CBD puts us in the mood for love. Well Research shows that CBD can be useful in helping reduce stress and anxiety. This can then in turn reduce any potential anxieties that may come up in the bedroom. In the case of ingest able CBD which enhances and neurotransmitter called anandamide, which in turn helps increase the natural neurotransmitters and endorphins that we make on our own, that ultimately lead to a better sexual experience. When compared to more traditional alcohol use which can actually cause dryness in the vagina. So, what is meant to get us in the mood, actually isn’t helping at all.

Time for some Yoni Love

So back in 2019 Ross, Cassi and I decided to create a CBD product for sexual wellness and fun. We wanted to create something simple but effective that looked great. So, Yoni Love was born, what happened next, I was not expecting. So, after making the first batch and put on the website. Within a week there had been a couple of sales but then I got a phone call from Harvest (one of our wholesale suppliers here in Bristol). Alex the shop manager told me

“I have just had a customer in here, demanding that we start stocking your CBD lube. She said it was incredible. I would like to order 20 bottles right away please.” 

I could not believe how quickly Yoni Love was making waves. Since then, the product has grown in stature, and we have sold bottles across the UK and even the whole world. I regularly receive emails, DM’s and reviews from customers saying how much it has changed their life, they’re sex life and a few unexpected things too, as you read in these reviews we have received below.

“The CBD lube has changed my life! Had so many lube trial and errors after the GP prescribed me SSRIs and all the fun problems associated with dryness. This has really made a world of difference and I’m just so happy it exists!” – Amy (Google review)

“Damn. This stuff is amazing! It makes Myfanwy (yeah, I have a name for it, so what) feel like a Queen whether I’m alone or not… Jolly good fun for the business of hand shandies too. I would say it feels sparkly feels and a bit like being in an enchanted forest with a centaur. Not your average lube!” – Charlie (

“This is a bit embarrassing, but I couldn’t not share. I used this as an attempt to soothe my UTI, which was so incredibly uncomfortable and had me peeing every 20 minutes. INSTANT relief, then after 15 minutes, no more symptoms. I was on my way to getting a course of antibiotics, so this saved my gut health too. Absolutely astounded at how gentle yet powerful this is. Magic!” Mel ( on

As you can see from these reviews, our Yoni Love and other intimate CBD products have the potential to increase sexual pleasure and also help with sexual wellness for a multiple of ailments as well as edible CBD to help get your mind and body really get in the mood. So whatever stage of life you are at you deserve to have great sex with someone you fancy the pants off. So why not try something new and see what pleasure cannabinoids can bring to your sex life.

“Only in orgasm are we human beings “one” with ourselves, “one” with the partner, “one” with the entire Creation and “one” with God, the universal energy of all life. There is no past and no future, there is only the present: “the eternal here and now.” At this point the human being stops breathing. Their spirit becomes completley empty  and relaxes; new and true love, divine joy and enlightened bliss develop from this void. – A Taoist Saying

Written by Jonathan Higgs (owner of CBD Bristol)

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