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Does CBD Oil show up in a Drugs Test?


What we know currently

Since CBD and THC are both Cannabinoids, you would think that they would both show up on an employment drug test… Firstly drug tests for cannabis look for THC and not CBD. 🔎

The most simple, cost effective form of drug testing is immunoassay. Which is usually a urine sample and it looks for chemicals that resemble the active metabolite, or breakdown product of THC.

The other type of testing is Confirmatory testing, using mass spectrometry is often used for forensic or workplace drug testing and is considered the ‘gold standard’ for drug testing because it’s the most accurate way to detect the presence of a drug in a person’s urine or blood.

In regards to CBD Balms or anything topical, the CBD does not enter the bloodstream so it would not show up on any of the tests mentioned above.

In the UK the legal limit of THC in CBD products is 0.1%, in the EU it is 0.2% meanwhile in the US, CANADA and Switzerland is 0.3%. You should always look out for the COA (Certificate of Analysis) on the sellers website. All CBD companies should have this information.

Both CBD Distillate and CBD Isolate usually have no THC present from their extraction process. Although CBD Distillate will have other minor cannabinoids present to help create the entourage effect. This is another reason it is important to find a CBD company that is reliable and you can trust

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