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Everything you want to know about CBG

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Cannabinoids are confusing

As the owner of a CBD Brand, I speak to a lot of people about the effects CBD Oil. My approach is a holistic one, Asking questions that allow me to understand why they have approached me and what results they would like to achieve from taking the oil. Having done this many times, I feel have a good grasp of giving people the right information and reassuring them.Sometimes through these conversations I feel the person would benefit from our 50/50 CBG/CBD Oil. I often get a response of confusion about CBG. What it is? How it works? Will it get me high? Etc. It seems just as someone is getting their head around CBD; the news of another cannabinoid can be confusing.So I have written this article to explain a little further this exciting new Cannabinoid.

What is CBG?

CBG (Cannabigerol) is a minor Cannabinoid found in both Hemp and Cannabis. It often appears in trace amounts in both plants but has a huge part to play in the production of all cannabinoids including CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). This is often why it is called the ‘Mother Cannabinoid’.As young plants mature, various enzymes and compounds form to produce an early phase Cannabinoid called CBGA.CBGA is where all Cannabinoids start their growth. As the plants receive more UV, CBGA breaks down and becomes CBDA and THCA, which then go on to form CBD and THC. Despite its pivotal role, CBG appears in trace amounts, unless bred to do so.Since 2018’s Farm Bill, which allowed the commercial growing of Hemp in the USA for the first time since it was banned in 1937. CBG can now be isolated and is now available in higher amounts using Distillation or Isolation processes.Back in late 2020 Ross and I bought our first batch of CBG Isolate. In January of the following year, we launched our 50/50 CBG/CBD Oil and last year we released two topical products that included it: Our Massage Oil and Tattoo healing Balm.

What does the Scientific Research say so far?

CBG in high amounts is a very new and there has currently been not a lot of Scientific research but there has been some on animal models, mostly Mice and a few with Human Studies. So far this is what has been discovered.
  • Reducing intraocular pressure and managing symptoms of glaucoma.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties induced colitis and various inflammatory bowel diseases.
  • Combating Huntington’s disease.
  • An antagonist to Alpha 2 receptors. By inhibiting them, CBG may be able to address symptoms of ADHD.
  • High potential as a cancer inhibitor and treatment, including for breast, gastric, and colorectal cancer cells and glioblastoma brain tumours.
  • An antibacterial agent, even against bacterial strains.
  • Stimulating appetite, this may help induce appetite in chronically ill patients or those who have lost their appetite from cancer treatments.
  • A 2021 patient survey indicated a majority of patients found CBG-dominant products effective in treating their chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia, among other conditions.
As well as this Research indicates it can bind to both CB1 and CB2 receptors within the body’s endocannabinoid system ( ECS), meaning it not only interacts directly with the body’s internal systems, but can also counteract the effects of other cannabinoids, most notably THC.As you can see from these early trials CBG has potential for helping with a wide variety of conditions, which is why we are such big advocates of it.

What are the differences between CBG and CBD?

At a glance, CBG may seem like a variation of CBD, as they are both non-intoxicating and exhibit similar anti-inflammatory properties. But there are key differences that may change how you consume each.CBG and CBD don’t bind to the same receptors in the body, and also differ on a molecular level. Because CBG can bind to the same receptors as THC, it can potentially address issues that pertain to the nervous system, including conditions mentioned above.Whereas CBD, on the other hand, may be more effective for immunity-related conditions and regulating mood disorders.Putting the two together in high amounts in 50/50 Oil, helps create what is known in Medical Cannabis circles as the Entourage Effect.

What is the Entourage Effect?

The entourage effect is a phenomenon where several different Cannabinoids and Terpenes work together to achieve an effect that would be impossible for them to achieve on their own ( This would be the case of Isolates) The Entourage effect is usually thought of in regards to THC and CBD but can be created using lesser known Cannabinoids, like CBG. So by creating our 50/50 Oil that includes both CBG and CBD we want you to have the best combinations of Cannabinoids as part of your supplement regime.

Why use a mix of Distillate and Isolate in an Ingestible oil?

As global market for Hemp derived Cannabinoids has boomed across the world in recent years. The production and isolation of Cannabinoids is at an all time high.With CBD products containing trace amounts of THC, the legal limit varies from country to country. Here in the UK it is currently 0.1%, 0.2% in the EU and 0.3% in the US. Hemp can also produce other illegal Cannabinoids including CBN, THCA and Delta 8 THC, these are currently controlled substances under UK law.This makes producing CBD products with these varying legal frameworks hard because you cannot ask Mother Nature to create cannabinoids in these exact measurements every time.The answer to this conundrum currently has been to produce Broad Spectrum or Isolate Cannabinoids. This way producers can make THC free CBD or CBG, Broad Spectrum or Isolate.By doing this the illegal Cannabinoids can reduced to legal limits, so months of hard work are not lost and works for everyone across the supply chain. As we learn more about Cannabinoids hopefully these laws may change over time.So we here at CBD Bristol have mixed Broad Spectrum CBD and CBG Isolate to produce our 50/50 oil, blended in Organic Olive oil. So, you can get all the benefits of both Cannabinoids in high amounts without any issues. If you wish to see the exact amounts of each Cannabinoids in our oil head over to our Lab Tests Page.In two short years we have had incredible feedback from customers who have tried this ingestible oil.Thank you for reading. If you got to the end well done. If you have any questions or would like to speak to me about CBG or anything I have mentioned here, please get in touch. All our contacts are at the bottom of each page on the website.

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