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CBD (Cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid dervived from  industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa). It is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid (which means there will be no high).

CBD is consumed orally in the form of a oil based tinchure, through the skin in the for of balms, creams and Massage Oils. It can also be vaped through a vape pen or smoked using the flowers of the Hemp plant.

We use CBD Distillate in all of our products. Distillates are also one of the most potent types of concentrates that exist. Distillation of hemp allows for the extraction of cannababoids that offer a pure, versatile, and potent product that has unlimited potential as far as usage is concerned.

Distillation uses heat to vaporize cannabinoids. This vapour is then collected in the distillation cooling system. This eliminates everything from the cannabinoids, including plant matter and chlorophyll.
In turn this creates a very clean, very concentrated liquid that is also completely solvent-free.

There’s a reason people in the hemp industry sometimes refer to CBD distillate as The Pure. That’s exactly what it is. A product that’s virtually pure cannabinoids.

If you want to try ingestable CBD either in the form of Oil or Gummies, this will enter the bloodstream. It is always best to check with your Doctor if you have any doubts about it combined with other medication.

You cannot take CBD internally if you are taking a medication to help lower blood pressure e.g Warfarin. Because CBD lowers your blood pressure it could make it too low.

Other contraindications are anti inflammatory medication for example Rate Naproxen. Some studies point that the two can temporarily deactivate Cytochrome P450 (CYP450), a class of liver enzymes responsible for the breakdown of some clinically prescribed medications. This can lead to the delayed breakdown and prolonged activity of administered prescription medications (as well as some OTC medications).

CBD used Topically will not enter the bloodstream and thusly not effect any lowering blood pressure medications.


First of all a disclaimer: UK Home Office regulations prevent us from providing any medical claims regarding CBD’s efficacy. We cannot give any recommended dosages for particular issues.

Having said that, there are thousands of studies published online that you can discover or read what people are using CBD for and read about their experiences.

In 1992, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli scientist, discovered that every human and many animals have a system present in their bodies known as The Endogenous Cannabinoid System or Endocannabinoid System. This system is activated by cannabinoids.

Our bodies create cannabinoids, which are used by the endocannabinoid system to maintain balance (homeostasis) in the body. However, unfortunately most of us are unable to create enough of our own cannabinoids and therefore our endocannabinoid system may be out of balance, resulting in poor health.
The endocannabinoid system has often been described as the most important system in the body for maintaining long-term health.

Research suggests that taking CBD oil helps your body to create more of the cannabinoids needed by this system, in turn helping to maintain balance and wellbeing in the body.

Taking CBD oil helps your body to create more of the cannabinoids that your endocannabinoid system needs to help maintain balance and well-being in the body. It is vital to keep this system working well as it helps our immune systems, protects our brains, helps us manage stress and generally keeps our bodies in balance.

Due to UK law we cannot make any health benefit claims about our CBD products. We have lots of lovely reviews from our customers on Facebook and on our website product pages.

The simple answer is no. CBD and THC fight for the same receptors and essentially compete with each other. THC is psychoactive where as CBD is not.

CBD doesn’t lead to tolerance like THC does. While THC tolerance is common, CBD interacts differently with the body, preventing the breakdown of natural endocannabinoids. There’s even a concept called CBD reverse tolerance, suggesting that regular use may enhance its effects over time. Rather than requiring more CBD, long-term users might find they need less for the same benefits. This occurs because CBD doesn’t bind directly to endocannabinoid receptors; instead, it influences nearby enzymes, improving receptor binding and increasing endocannabinoid availability. CBD supports the body’s natural cannabinoids, not just during consumption but also in the long term

Yes, you can find the lab test results for our distillate CBD and for the CBD paste we use in our balms here. Our CBD balms are also covered by the CPSR (Cosmetic product safety report).

CBG or Cannabigeriol is known as the mother or precusor cannabinoid because all other cannabinoids grow out of it. It is another non psychoactive Cannabinoid in which early research has shown it has many potential benefits for improving human health.

Isolated, each cannabinoid has its own beneficial properties, many that overlap, but when CBD and CBG are taken together, the benefits of the CBD last longer and are more pronounced. CBG also amplifies the other cannabinoids in broad spectrum products.

Here’s how it works. CBD works with FAAH to stimulate anandamide and the production of endocannabinoids in the body. If your system is under or over-producing, CBD helps to regulate it. CBG interacts with the receptors, and together they have the potential for lots of health benefits.

You can read more about CBG in a blog post we wrote here

Shilajit, pronounced “sheel-a-jeet,” is a dark, sticky mineral substance that exudes from the rocks of mountainous regions during the heat of summer.

Translated from Sanskrit, shilajit means “the destroyer of weakness,” which speaks to its incredible ability to bring strength and rejuvenation to the body. Unlike most of our herbal products, this tar-like material is not actually harvested directly from a plant.

Shilajit is created from the slow decomposition of plant material over many centuries, deep in the rocks of mountainous regions across the world.

As it develops, it becomes a sticky, mineral-infused substance. Eventually, stimulated by the intense heat of summer, it seeps out through the rocks, finally available to harvest. This process of creation explains some of its other names, such as “blood of the mountains,” “mineral pitch,” and “juice of rock.”

One of the reasons that shilajit is such a powerful healing substance is that it is packed with beneficial minerals, including silica, iron, calcium, copper, lithium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, sodium, and zinc. Not only is shilajit rich in organic trace minerals (in this case, “organic” means plant-derived), but it also contains fulvic acid, humic acid, amino acids, and plant-based antioxidants.

So what is shilajit used for, exactly? According to Ayurveda, shilajit supplements are an incredible ally for the entire body


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