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Lab Tests

Each batch of the CBD paste or Distillate that we use in our products is laboratory tested to see how much CBD and THC is present.

By law the CBD must contain less than 0.01% THC. Below you can find lab reports for both the organic hemp plant and the CBD Distillate that is used to make all of our original CBD Products.

Cannabinoids are the cannabis-derived molecules that provide the main health-giving properties of a CBD product. These compounds include well-known examples like CBD or THC and lesser known cannabinoids like CBG and CBC.

The cannabinoid profile is the most commonly offered report across all the screenings and our reports display the cannabinoid content levels found in the CBD we use.

From our lab tests you can determine:

  • The spectrum of a product by observing the presence of measured cannabinoids
  • If a product contains non-decarboxylated raw material by observing the presence and ratios of acid forms to non-acid cannabinoid forms.


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