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Altai Mountain Shilajit Resin


We now have Pure Altai Mountain Shilajit in two forms;

1) 30g pot of pure Altai Mountain Resin

2) Capsules with Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Corpyseps’ and Chaga Mushroom Powder.


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When the Indian subcontinent smashed into the then south asian cost of Pangea, the premordial jungle that sat ion that coast was smashed like a small twig in the creaion of the Himalayan Mountian chain. Every summer in both the Himalayas and the Altai Mountain ranges, this thick black, pungent smelling paste called Shilajit appears through cracks in the mountains.

It’s local name in this part of the world is ‘The destroyer of weakness’

It has been used as  natural medicine in this part of the world for many years and is belived to have 85 or more natural essential neutrients within it.

You can buy it in the following ways;

Pure Altai Mountain Shilajit Resin, 30ml Jar. Approximately 3 months supply and comes with a metalic spoon.

I have been personally taken Shilajit for over 8 years and these capsules for over 2 years after meeting Joe, the business owner trading at a market. I personally really rate this product.

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Pure Resin, Capsules with Mushroom Blends

Risk Warning Info

Side Effects

The potential side effects of shilajit are unclear due to limited research. Talk to a healthcare provider about any conditions you have and other medications you take regularly before taking shilajit.

Don't take if Pregnant or Breast Feeding

Check with your Doctor or GP if you are concerened about taking Shilajit alongside other medication.

Shilajit isn't regulated by the Food Standard Agency (FSA), meaning there's no set dosage deemed safe and effective. The dose administered in some clinical studies has been between 300–500 mg once per day.


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