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Bite Nurse – CBD Insect repellent


Introducing Bite Nurse—a revolutionary CBD Mosquito Repellent and Bite Soothing Balm and Spray, your ultimate companion against the pesky world of insect bites. This dual-action wonder is crafted with Natural and Organic Ingredients, ensuring a 100% plant-based solution for your outdoor adventures.

15g balm: 15ml – 150mg

30ml spray: 30ml – 300mg


Bite Nurse is not just a repellent; it’s a shield against mosquito and insect bites, and a soothing CBD balm if you’ve already been bitten. Before heading out, apply the balm to exposed areas—the enticing scent of essential oils will keep those insects at bay. If you find yourself on the wrong end of a bite, the CBD-infused balm will not only relieve the itch but also thwart the irresistible urge to scratch.

Now, here’s the science behind the relief: scratching mosquito bites can release a scent that attracts more mosquitoes to the area. Bite Nurse’s CBD properties come to the rescue, breaking the itch-scratch cycle and keeping those unwanted guests away.

But the magic doesn’t stop there—some customers have even recommended applying Bite Nurse to ticks, causing them to release their grip.

Experience the power of Bite Nurse—your go-to solution for preventing bites and finding instant relief. Embrace the great outdoors without the irritation, thanks to this exceptional blend of nature’s finest ingredients.

Ingredients – Hemp Seed Oil*, Coconut Oil*, CBD & Candelilla wax
Essential Oils – Citronella*, Lemongrass & Basil*

The Ingridents with an * are Organic

Additional information

Risk Warning Info

Using a topical CBD product is the most non-invasive way to use CBD therapeutically. Topical balms are useful for conditions that are within one inch of the surface of the skin, they do not penetrate to deeper areas or enter the bloodstream.

– Do not use on broken skin
– Not Suitable for Children
– Do not get in eyes
– Do not eat

Our Topical products contain a variety of carrier oils, skin butters, wax and essential oils. The following is a list of potential allergens:

– Limonene
– Linalol
– Geraniol
– Benzyl Alcohol
– Citral
– Methyl Eugenol
– Citronellol


15ml balm, 30ml spray, Buy Both and save £1.99

6 reviews for Bite Nurse – CBD Insect repellent

  1. 5 out of 5


    This summer I have had a really itchy series of bites. In desperation I dug out some Bite Nurse which I had been given to me last year and, as advertised, found it indeed to be a ‘soothing balm’! I now keep it much closer to hand and am making more effort to remember to use its repellent properties to reduce the number of bites. Husband says it smells good too! Have just taken receipt of another handy tin for myself, and one as a gift for a friend. Many thanks.

  2. 5 out of 5


    If I ever get to go on holiday again, I am not going without this stuff. Mosquitoes love me and this seems to keep them away! And it smells SO good.

  3. Emma williams

    I can’t recommend this enough ! I have spent many years and many pennies trying to find something to stop the mosquitoes having the munchies at my expense. This works ! I have so far spent the hole summer bite free (apart from 1 night in a friends garden when I forgot my balm). The balm lasted for ages and would still be going if I hadn’t have lost it yesterday while camping. Just on here ordering my new one and Reluctant to sit out in the garden until it arrives as feel like I’m dinner for them without it 😋 . Game changer !

  4. 5 out of 5

    Gabrielle (verified owner)

  5. 5 out of 5

    Laura (verified owner)

  6. 5 out of 5

    K (verified owner)

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