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We have just lowered our CBD oil and 50/50 Oil Prices


No, you are not dreaming

Yes, you read it right. In a world where the price of everything is going up and up, we have lowered the price of our Broad-Spectrum CBD oil and 50/50 CBG CBD oil. How and why may you ask?

When the industry began hemp was not grown in large amounts and only in a few countries, so the cost to buy raw CBD Paste was a lot.

In 2018 in the USA, the Farm Bill was passed, which did many things including the legalisation of industrial Hemp Farming for the first time since the 1930’s. This was hemp growing on steroids. Due to hemp growing incredibly fast and new methods of Distillation and Isolation, this bought down the price of Hemp derived Cannabinoids like CBD and CBG. The price has been going down significantly over the last two years.

Is there a catch?

No, none whatsoever. Our oils are the same as we have always made them, in small batches and  in the same milligram per 10ml bottle. These price hikes and raised inflation are enough to leave people anxious and up at night, worrying how they are going to pay for simple things. We can’t change the financial system, but we can do our little bit to support you by letting CBD work it’s magic.

It is worth reminding you that last year we were shortlisted by the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society as one of 20 companies recommended for medical prescribing professionals in the UK. We are so proud of this recommendation and want to show it off. As well as this  we are a small business, we have less overheads and staff to pay, so we have decided to pass that saving on to you the customer.

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