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Why our CBD & CBG Massage oil is the best

At the end of 2021 we launched our CBD & CBG massage oil. At the time we were preparing for the big unviel of our adverts around Bristol for Christmas and then there was Omicron. So I feel this product that took two years to finalise did not get the big launch it deserved.

So our story began with massage. I (Jonathan) am a qualified holistic massage therapist and our pilot and best loved product the Savasana CBD muscle rub began its journey with my massage clients and in my massage practice.

So at the end of 2019 I had the idea for a CBD massage oil, with a pump bottle and no essential oils. This idea floated around for a few months and once the pandemic began and no one was allowed near each other let alone having a massage, the idea was shelved. Once the restrictions were lifted briefly in June 2020 I had lots of enquiries from my massage clients looking for a treatment. During this time, I re fell in love with massage. I could see how important it was for our well-being to be touched holistically. We need touch throughout our lives, it’s a human need.

So I decided to bring back this idea and create a massage oil blend for everyone. My first challenge was to find the combination of carrier oils that would make up this blend. I researched for hours looking at all the oils that were on offer from my ususal ingridient wholesalers, buying small sizes to try out.

One thing I wanted to get right was a massage oil blend that suited all skin types and was long lasting and did not much reapplication. Having been a massage therapist for a number of years, different skin types really suit different oils. If you use coconut oil on folks with white skin it does not absorb coconut oil in the same way as black skin. Applied to black skin coconut oil just absorbs really quickly nad need lots of reapplication. So getting the balance between the two was needed to be just right. So after a few combination tests and my lovely massage clients being willing Ginea Pigs, I finally settled on Grapeseed oil, Lemonseed oil and Jojoba Oil.

The next thing was the amount of CBD that was going to go in the product. I wanted to create the best massage oil that was potent in it’s cannabinoid content. So after some deliberation we decided to add the CBG too.

So with 2500mg of CBD and 500mg of CBG in every 300ml bottle, it makes this massage oil very powerful.

We are super happy with how this turned out and we are already receiving wonderful feedback from novices and proffesionals alike. So why not try it yourself.

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